The deployment of
Mobile Quotes application
at Bank Ochrony Środowiska SA

Among others, the most complex deployment has been done at Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. It has included a full integration with bank’s transactional systems in terms of user’s access to the operations on the brokerage account.

The application was made available simultaneously for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile 10.

You can see the range of functionalities of the published application in the documents shown below.

Mobile Quotes at DM BOS

The tablet version has also been implemented in addition to the smartphone version. It's full documentation is available below:

Mobile Quotes MAX at DM BOS

Please note that the functionality of programs shown in the documents above is partly due to the vision and expectations of the bank for which this particular version of the application was made. Individual functions and screens can be freely adapted during deployment to the needs of your organization and the specifics of the market in which you operate. The use of a unique technology enables to make such changes quickly (a few days for the screen for all operating systems). At the same time, we provide support of the graphics designer, who helps to design changes in the appearance of the application.

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Mobile Quotes
The most modern and most extensive trading platform for smartphones on the market. Available for the three major systems: iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile 10.
A complete solution. Not just quotes. Advanced charts including any data ranges and intervals. Various types of charts. Technical analysis indicators. Full integration with the brokerage account: orders, transaction history, dispositions, transfers. Alerts and notifications. Cloud services. News. Video comments.

"Superb! Great application. You are doing a good job with each new update :)"
Tomas Miller, Investor
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Statica is not only Mobile Quotes.
We offer many applications and systems supporting daily work of brokers. Our key products include: Quotes MAX - an advanced analytic platform designed for PCs, Statica Cloud - plug and play environment for running and tracking user alerts. Easy integration with broker's existing systems. Broad range of available notifications (push, e-mail, sms, ...).
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Complete customization of the application to the broker's marketing image. Our applications are becoming an integral part of your offer from the end-user perspective. You choose the name and colors for the application. The logo of your company appears in selected locations. The background of each screen can be modified. We will prepare a complete style package which is consistent with the overall brand policy of your company.
Create your own version of the application. Regard the existing functionalities as a restaurant menu, from which you choose the best dishes. Apply functional and graphical modifications to what you choose. If necessary, we will add new functions, which are unique to your organization. The result is a product tailored to your needs and your customers’ expectations. See example.
We are ready for the integration with brokers’ transactional systems based on any technology. We have experience in using the FIX protocol as well as REST, HTTP or TCP/IP. We will adapt to the capabilities of your company, so that the integration will be the least time-consuming for the broker.
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You get a fully localized product, which means that all commands and messages in the application will be displayed in the language of your customers. Moreover, you will also receive translated marketing materials, documentation, and FAQ for users. On your request, we will prepare and deliver localized leaflets and brochures for your customers. Finally, we will also provide support in the language used by your employees.
We provide a ready-made, operative, and fully functional cloud environment integrated with applications. Customers will be able to synchronize applications content between devices within the cloud and put alerts there based on various conditions. The cloud provides push notifications, text messaging, and e-mail.
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We supply the product, not only at the time of sale. We provide continuous application development and cost-free delivery of both upgrades and entirely new versions as a part of the standard agreement.
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We also offer PC and Mac applications with advanced analytical functions. Built-in scripting language for writing and testing strategies. More information on request.
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